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My name is Maria Young. I am an artist, residing on the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland.


I strive to create my art that is a reflection of the experiences I have had throughout my life infused my own idiosyncrasies. Working primarily (but not exclusively) with glass, I combine random high-contrast colours with severe shape & form to produce thought-provoking work that is chaotic in nature. I have a preference for extreme and spontaneous pattern as a means of self-expression. I have put a significant amount of work into curating a style and aesthetic that runs throughout all of my work, one that I believe to be an accurate representation of my true personality. I believe that being untrue to yourself is an intolerable compromise.


Please look at my work, reflect on this passage and hopefully understand the connection about the artist and the art.

Kangaroo Glass pieces have been featured in various galleries nationwide, as well as The Scottish Design Exchange.

Available for commisions. 

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